New feature – Hide long term bets

‘Hide long term bets’ is a feature that you can use if you don’t want to see your long term bets in a daily basis. Bets like ‘League Winner – Including Play Offs’ is a typical example. To activate the feature, go to ‘Settings -> Profile’. Demo […]

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‘Result’ field will be removed

We have decided to remove the ‘result’ field. It’s a heritage from the very early version of Betdiary and it’s not needed any more. Some users might have been settle their bets through this field, from now on use the drop down in the top left corner of each bet slip instead. It’s not a […]

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Our domain and (showing the old interface) will be redirected to after 10th feb 2021. Don’t worry, your account data and all your bets will still be there, it’s just another front end. Use the same credentials as you did before when logging in. has a new interface with more functionality, […]

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Share bets to Twitter

We have made it simple to share your bets to Twitter. Just click on the Twitter button when adding a bet and it will be automatically posted to your Twitter account. Watch the video below to see a demo. Cheers […]

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