Hide slip after settlement

In pages containing only unsettled bets, such as open bets and bets in progress, we have added a cleanup function that removes slips after settling the bets. If you want to keep the old behavior, go to Settings -> Misc and deactivate the option.

New feature – Odds format

You can now switch between Decimal – American – Fractional odds format. Settings > Misc

Better autofill search for selection

We have improved the autofill search for selection. For example, now its possible to write corn over 10 to be able to find Total Corners: Over 10.5 a lot quicker. Before the change you had to write the exact words. Demo: Cheers and happy punting

Date filter added to the default stats tables

You can now filter stats by date. For example visit the tipster stat page and press the calendar icon on the top right corners. For an example: In the previous page for Tipsters statistics you only had the option to see a list of tipster you followed and their overall results. Now you can filter

Public bets – User guide

At the moment you have 2 ways to create public bets. Default setup (No new spreadsheet needed) By default all bets are Private. (Settings) You have to manually press the “Lock icon/box” to make the bet public when you are adding a bet. You can if you wish change this setting to make all bets

New feature – Time zone based date/time calculations

We have now implemented time zone settings to give you the ability to change your time zone. Users around the world pointed out that some of our date/time based calculations were wrong some times. Bets settled today was shown in the yesterday stats and so on. You will now get the time zone automatically, based

Simple user guide

1. Sign up 2. Check your mail and verify account 3. Enter your password or generate one. 4. Sign in 5. First thing you will see is your Dashboard 6. Lets make a first setup Click “Add bet“ No bookies defined! Before you can start adding bets you have to define at least one bookie.

New feature – Introducing Dark Mode

You can find the toggle between Light and Dark Mode down at the bottom right corner. Mobile-Friendly and clean design LiveScore See the latest results in your spreadsheet. Live and full time results. Autofill Start typing and you will get suggestions on your game text and selection. Sport and Bet type will automatically be filled

New feature – Default values

Added the ability to add default stake. You can find it under: Settings – Default Values. Sport:Bet type:Tipster:Spreadsheet:Bookie:Stake (SEK):Public stake value:

New feature – Hide long term bets

‘Hide long term bets’ is a feature that you can use if you don’t want to see your long term bets in a daily basis. Bets like ‘League Winner – Including Play Offs’ is a typical example. To activate the feature, go to ‘Settings -> Profile’. Demo