Simple user guide

1. Sign up

2. Check your mail and verify account

3. Enter your password or generate one.

4. Sign in

5. First thing you will see is your Dashboard

6. Lets make a first setup

  • Click “Add bet
  • No bookies defined! Before you can start adding bets you have to define at least one bookie.

7. Click “Add bookie – For this example I will add Bet365.

Bookie name: Bet365
Currency: SEK (:-) (Swedish users)
Balance: 1000 (Input your current balance on Bet365)
Exchange rate: 0% (You don’t need this on Bet365)

You can later add more bookies under: “Settings – Bookies

8. Lets make some basic configuration:

Setting – Account Settings

  • Profile
    • Privacy: By default, make bets Private.
    • Hide long term bets: This setting is disabled by default but if you chose “1 days”. You will only see the current days bets. Not tomorrows. (You can always chose “show hidden bets” if you want later)
  • Stake/unit settings
    • I prefer: “Stake and units with dependency”
    • Add a default unit value. (Don’t chose 0)
  • Default values
    • These setting are good to have if you want to speed up the “add bet” process so you don’t have to pick the same options every time a bet is placed.
  • Autofill
    • By default enabled. You can disable this so you only can manually type everything.
    • Auto add Tag(s):
      We are all different but I recommend “#England – PremierLeague” over the other one because there are a lot of leagues with the same names. And I want to combine the league with the country. You can always if you want to show stats for #England #PremierLeague by generating stats. But if you want the list to display “Country – League” format you have to chose “#England – PremierLeague”

9. If you want a Public Profile:

  • Settings – Spreadsheet
  • Add spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet name: MyPublicSpreadsheet (Whatever you want)
  • Description: …
  • Privacy: Public

If you want this to be the default Spreadsheet you can activate it under the wheel button. Or under the Default values section under settings.

You can find Link to your public profile under Settings – Account Settings.