Public bets – User guide

At the moment you have 2 ways to create public bets.

Default setup (No new spreadsheet needed)

  1. By default all bets are Private. (Settings)
  2. You have to manually press the “Lock icon/box” to make the bet public when you are adding a bet.
  3. You can if you wish change this setting to make all bets by default Public and press the globe icon to make the bet private when you are adding a bet.

Create a new Public Spreadsheet

  1. Add a new Spreadsheet. (Spreadsheet settings)
  2. Give it a Name and a Description if needed. Change the Privacy to Public.
  3. Now every time you want to add a public bet you have to add the bet to this spreadsheet.
  4. You can if you wish make this spreadsheet default so all bets ends up here.


  • You can find the Link to your public profile under the settings page.
  • If you have more than one public spreadsheet they will be listed under your public profile to the right.
  • Public bets can only be specified in integers between 1 to 10u. So no decimal numbers.
  • We ha no lock bet function. We have chosen to openly show all the changes that have been made to the bet, so if you choose to ‘cheat’ it will be logged. You can find the ‘changelog’ function under each bet when you click the arrow button next to the gear.