Hide slip after settlement

In pages containing only unsettled bets, such as open bets and bets in progress, we have added a cleanup function that removes slips after settling the bets. If you want to keep the old behavior, go to Settings -> Misc and deactivate the option.

Bulk update bets

We have made it easy to update many bets at a time. In the following example we change “sport” for all objects belonging to a specific tipster.

New feature: Default values when adding a bet

If you usually use the same parameters when you place bets you can now set your preferences as default. For example, if you place most of the bets in spreadsheet ‘test’ it could be nice to have the ‘test’ spreadsheet preselected. Go to settings -> spreadsheets and click on the settings icon and select “Set

Improved feature: Ability to choose between units and percent

In the old version you could choose between a floating stake level or a custom one. If you set the stake level to 10000€ – 1% was converted to 100€. Now its possible to use units as well, for example you can define one unit as 100€. Betdiary will then present both stakes in real